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Due to copyright restrictions, these are just six seconds or so sound samples, to give you an idea of the music before buying the albums.

To play these files, you will need a MP3 player and unless you have a lot of patience, a fast Internet connection (these are large files!). But the sound quality is near-CD quality! If you have Quicktime, or the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, you can play these automatically; otherwise try Audion (for Macs), or Real Audio (Windows and Mac).

I've just started this collection of sound clips, and will add more in the coming weeks/months. Let me know which you'd like to hear first!

Limeliters now Downloadable from!

Download songs at 99 cents each, or buy the whole album for a fraction of the cost of the CD. or listen to samples for free:

Sample Music Clips

Last update: November 26, 1999