Democratic Ode

(Tune: Rosin' the Beau (Acres of Clams))

The melody of an old Irish drinking song, "Old Rosin the Beau" (also spelled "Bow") has been used for many, many folk songs, including this political song from 1844:

Democratic Ode

November election is coming,to arms, all true Democrats, rise;
Fear not the loud braying and drumming,
In which all Whig argument lies.

All over the country, the rally,
Of Democrats gladdens the land;
They gather from mountain and valley-- 
Whole armies are on every hand.

Our Polk is the Joshua blowing,
the blast that to vicotyr calls;
Around the last time he is going,
And tumbling are Whiggery's walls.

The sun in his course need not tarry,
For Polk to encompass his foe;
One moment to charge - and Old Harry
Is sent to the regions below.

The Whigs obtained power and station,
By thousands of promises made;
Deceived and defrauded the nation,
And its best interests betrayed.

To millions they promised in '40,
Roast beef and two dollars per day;
And many a working man thought he
Might trust in the promise of Clay.

But when the election was over,
Hear how the duped voter laments;
The lead nags were rolling in clover--
The others outside of the fence.

Last update: April 19, 1998