The Limeliters - A Souvenir Program

Hey, Diddle Diddle, The Doctor and the Fiddle

Part Three of Eight

But when he does decide to face the world in his natural attire, he is sure to cause a sensation.

walking The mere sight of Mr. B. Fiddle brings out the best in folk pundits," claims Dr. Lou Gottlieb, Mr. B's well-known traveling companion. "I am unable to go anywhere in the company of Mr. B ' without being bombarded by remarks such as: 'I'll bet you wish you had taken up the Piccolo.' or 'I'll bet you can't tuck that under your chin.' Then, of course, there are always those who suspect that I have a girl in there - Lord help any girl who was shaped like this!"

The Doctor and the Fiddle

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1963 Souvenir Program

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