The Limeliters - A Souvenir Program

Hey, Diddle Diddle, The Doctor and the Fiddle

Part Five of Eight

bourbon and water

..."And a bourbon and water for my friend."

Dr. Gottlieb explains that Mr. B. often travels in a seat as "block baggage" which is usually the same rate as a child's fare. But the clamor he causes on the plane is inevitably greater than a whole plane load of kids. "As I strap him into the seat I always casually turn around to be sure the passenger behind doesn't mind. His reply usually goes something like, this, 'No, no, it's quite all right. No, no it doesn't bother me a bit. No fella, it's really alright.' But as I resume my seat I can hear him mmble, "Martha, there's some kind of nut up there - I mean he has a bass fiddle strapped in next to him just like they're friends or something.'"

The Doctor and the Fiddle

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1963 Souvenir Program

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