The Limeliters - Until We Get it Right (1999)

CD Album Cover for Until We  Get it  Right by the Limeliters

This fantastic album includes some older Limeliter standards along with some great new material, but the new dynamic of the group, featuring Alex Hassilev, Rick Dougherty, and Bill Zorn, makes the sound of this album incredibly fresh! Scroll down for a full review and how to obtain your own copy.

Song List

Generic Uptempo Folk Song Folk Rap
Global Carnival
Columbus Stockade Blues
God's Gift to Women
Use it Up
Zen Gospel Singing
White Squall
The 40 Year Old Waltz
Until We Get It Right
A Better World
A Place in the Choir
The Power and the Glory
The Strangest Dream

Produced by Alex Hassilev

The Performers:

Alex Hassilev: baritone, 5 string banjo, classic and steel string guitar
Rick Dougherty: tenor, bass, acoustic guitar
Bill Zorn: 2nd tenor, 5 string banjo, 12 string guitar
John David: plays mandolin, harmonica and guitar on cuts 4, 9, 13, 15
The Vocal Group Beachfront Property: sings backup on cuts 3, 4, 13, 15.

Album Review

by Harold Wood

When my wife and I sat down to listen to this album for the first time, we had a terrible time getting past the first three songs --- we just had to keep playing them over and over with delight!

We finally settled down and went through the whole album in the proper serial manner. (If by "settled down" you mean dancing all around the living room together in jubilation!)

The title only casually alludes to what many Limeliters fans may not realize. This album has been literally forty years in the making!

Each one of the three current Limeliters contributes to this new album in perfection. Most of the songs are scattered about on other Limeliters albums, but the current incarnation of the Limeliters is just so perfect! The album also provides some of the best songs from the now out-of-print Global Carnival album.

I have to admit, in the abstract, before hearing the album, I wondered about so much repetition of previously-releassed songs on the album, and wondered how the group can survive without Lou Gottlieb. But listening to this album I understand perfectly why The Limeliters realized they just had to keep trying until they "got it right!" The fabulous new line-up adds a fresh dimension to the music, yet completely true to the early group's musical style.

I loved the energy and enthusiasm; fabulous vocals, great guitar and banjo; and a perfect balance of songs. There is no "duplication" on this album even though song titles, lyrics, and melodies might be the same as some earlier albums! This album fills a significant Need so absolutely superbly!

On two or three tracks, the Limeliters used back-up singers. The titles with back-ups were perfectly appropriate for back-up, while the bulk of the songs were just the three Limeliters, but all of it unequivocally has the trademark Limeliters sound!

As I replayed the album later, I was overwhelmed also by how technically good a recording it is --- by turning up the volume a bit on the CD player, it sounds just like I was at one of the Limeliters concerts! Congrats go to Alex for such a good production job!

Don't buy a single copy of this album. You must buy several copies of this album, and send it to all your friends! A quick way to "make friends and influence people!"

I know the fans of the original Limeliters from forty years ago will consider it sacrilege, but this is absolutely the BEST Limeliters album ever made!

Where to Get It

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