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New on CD - "Time to Gather Seeds" First Time Available Since 1968!

The Best of Hootenanny
3-DVD Set

Including The Limeliters



The HOOTENANNY TV Show was on ABC-TV in 1963 and 1964. It offered a great mixture of many of the top folk musicians of the time, including The Limeliters. You can now buy the Best of Hootenanny on DVD which includes 3 songs from The Limeliters:

  • Midnight Special
  • Done Laid Around
  • I'm Going to Leave Old Texas Now

Lots of audience participation in these three songs - and Lou, Alex, and Glenn never looked so young!

In addition, 36 other folk acts are featured on this collection, with more than than 91 performances, including 80 songs including: Froggie Went A-Courtin', He Was A Friend Of Mine, Midnight Special, C.C. Rider, Cottonfields, Turn Turn Turn, If I Had A Hammer, Wayfarin' Stranger, Little Boxes, Wimoweh and Ole Blue.

Some reviewers are criticizing this Best of Hootenanny collection due to the fact that Pete Seeger was blacklisted from from the series, causing other top names to refuse to participate, like Peter Paul & Mary and the Kingston Trio. Nonetheless, you will find several songs written by Seeger on this collection, including If I Had A Hammer performed by Trini Lopez, and Turn, Turn, Turn performed by The Simon Sisters (yes, Carly was a folk artist before becoming a pop artist!). And while it's true most performances on the series avoided the political, this set nonetheless includes some quite pointed political advocacy, such as the wildly satirical John Birch Society performed by the Chad Mitchell Trio, and the strong social criticism of Little Boxes performed by Leon Bibb.

The artists featured in addition to The Limeliters and those mentioned above include The Brothers Four, The New Christy Minstrels, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, Bob Gibson, Ian & Sylvia, Joe & Eddie, Miriam Makeba, Jimmy Rodgers, The Serendipity Singers, and more!

And a special bonus: comedy by: Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and others! Approximately 4 1/2 hours running time.


After 47 years of entertaining around the world as a Limeliters®, founding member, Alex Hassilev is retiring. Over the years, Alex's uniquely rich baritone voice has been the venerable cornerstone of the signature Limeliters® sound. Alex held a very high standard for this sound from its conception in 1959 to the present. He established a long neck banjo style that inspired many folk musicians and crossed ethnic boundaries to perform songs in Russian, Yiddish, Portuguese, Spanish and French. He will still make occasional appearances with the Limeliters® (including a Mexican Riviera Cruise in April of 2007).

Beginning in mid-2006, Andy Corwin, Mack Bailey and newest member Gaylan Taylor, will be carrying on the Limeliters® name and tradition that began in 1959.

Yes, The "Hungry-I" in San Francisco was packed that night in 1959 to hear the sensational new folk trio whose reputation had preceded them from a small club in Aspen called The Limelite. Now, after 45 years of performing, The Limeliters are still thrilling audiences with their surging vocals and ironic wit! With different configurations over the years, the group has preserved their signature vocal sound and continues to earn their name as The Fabulous Limeliters.

The group's original lineup was Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb, & Glenn Yarbrough. The group's current lineup consists of Andy Corwin, Mack Bailey and newest member Gaylan Taylor, with occasional appearances by original Limeliter Alex Hassilev.

Former Limeliters Glenn Yarbrough and Red Grammer still perform in solo careers. Former Limeliters Rick Dougherty and Bill Zorn now perform with the Kingston Trio.

So far The Limeliters have consisted of:

Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb, & Glenn Yarbrough

1959 - 1976

Red Grammer, Lou Gottlieb, & Alex Hassilev

1981 - 1991

Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb, & Rick Dougherty

1991 - 1996

Bill Zorn, Alex Hassilev, & Rick Dougherty

1996 - 2003


Andy Corwin, Alex Hassilev, & Mack Bailey

2003- 2006



Gaylan Taylor , Andy Corwin, & Mack Bailey

2006 - present



This Land Is Your Land DVD and CD

The Limeliters on DVD Video!
Along with other great Folk Groups from the PBS Special!

Now available!

This Land is Your Land DVD

This DVD, which includes full video footage of the concert, is actually cheaper than the CD, and includes no fewer than 29 songs plus the song introductions! Hosted by Judy Collins and Tom and Dick - the Smothers Brothers, the DVD includes performances from The Limeliters, The Kingston Trio, the Highwaymen, Roger McGuinn, the Brothers Four, and more.

This DVD includes these FIVE performances by The Limeliters:
"There's a Meetin' Here Tonight" (with Glenn Yarbrough); "Power and the Glory," "Lonesome Traveler," "Generic Up-tempo Folk Song," and the bonus track, "Folk Rap."

A Mighty Wind

Alex Hassilev, founding member of The Limeliters, has seen the hilarious Christopher Guest mockumentary of folk music, A Mighty Wind twice. It's pretty good satire," he says, wearily. "And I like the fact that they play their own instruments and the soundtrack is very believable. It sounds the way acoustic music should sound. The Folksmen are clearly a composite of the Limeliters and a couple of other acts. They draw on a general Sixties folk repertoire. And they do it pretty well."
Source: For Folk's Sake, The Guardian, November 29, 2003.


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The Limeliters Fabulous Tribute to America!

Alex Hassilev of the Limeliters sent me this news: shortly after 9/11, Ron Buyers in Charleston tells the Limeliters that he played the Limeliters song "American Tour" in his club, and the crowd went wild, and he had to play it 22 times before people would let him play something else. Alex decided to release the song free on MP3 as a Limeliters gift to America:

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