London Concert (1963)

The Limeliters: 
		Our Men in San Francisco and The London Concert
		Until We Get it Right Album Cover

This album features plain, unadulterated Limeliters - no backup performers; just Alex, Glenn and Lou. Lou Gottlieb is at his finest homour, enriched by audience feedback! Recorded live at London's Festival Hall, this album is a gem.

The rendition of "Hey Li Lee Li Lee" is noticeably different from that contained on their first album. Some of us may never know everything those Brits said, but this version is undeniably hilarious!


John Henry, The Steel Driving Man, Zhankoye, The Wabash Cannonball, When I First Came To This Land, The Hammer Song, The Far Side Of The Hill, Hard Ain't It Hard, Lonesome Traveler, The Little Burro, Hey Li Lee Li Lee .

This album has now been released on CD together with Our Men In San Francisco.

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