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1960Limeliters [Later re-released as Their First Historic Album]Elektra Studio
1961Slightly Fabulous Limeliters RCA Live
1961 Tonight: In Person RCA Live
1962Folk MatineeRCA
1962Sing Out!RCA
1962Through Children's EyesRCA Live
1963Our Men in San FranciscoRCA Live
1963Fourteen 14K Folk SongsRCA Studio
1963Makin' a Joyful NoiseRCA
1964Leave It to the LimelitersRCA Studio
1964More of Everything!RCA Studio
1965Limeliters Look at Love in DepthRCA
1965 London ConcertRCA Live
1968Original 'Those Were the Days' (Re-Issue of "Folk Matinee")RCA
1968Time to Gather SeedsWarner Brothers
1974Reunion - Glenn Yarbrough and The LimelitersStax
1976Reunion, Vol. 1Brass Dolphin
1976Reunion, Vol. 2Brass Dolphin
1977Pure GoldRCA
1987Best of the Limeliters (RCA Special Products).
1986Alive in Concert, Vol. 2GNP Live
1987Harmony!Folk Era Live
1988Alive in Concert, Vol. 1GNP Live
1989PotpourriWest Knoll
1990Singing for the FunGNP Live
1990A Mighty Day!West Knoll
1991Joy Across the Land West Knoll Live
1992Global CarnivalWest Knoll
1996Two Classic Albums from the Limeliters: The Fabulous Limeliters and Sing Out! Collectors' Choice
1999Until We Get it Right Limeliter Productions
2000 The Complete RCA Singles Collection Taragon/BMG
2000Two Classic Albums from the Limeliters: Our Men in San Francisco and London Concert Collectors' Choice
2000 The Chicago Tapes - First Set
August 13, 1976 Concert
Folk EraLive
2000 The Chicago Tapes - Second Set
August 14, 1976 Concert
Folk EraLive


1964Best of the Limeliters [RCA]RCA Mix
1993Best of the Limeliters [Essex]Essex
1997 36 All-Time Greatest Hits (3 CD Set)BMG


"The Hammer Song" b/w "Charlie, The Midnight Marauder"; Elektra EKSN-45-8

"A Dollar Down" b/w "When Twice the Moon Has Come and Gone"; RCA Victor 47-7859 (with picture sleeve)

"A Hundred Years Ago" b/w "Paco Peco"; RCA Victor 47-7913

"Red Roses and White Wine" b/w "Milk and Honey" from the Broadway musical "Milk and Honey"; RCA Victor 47-7942.
This 45 was also commercially issued as RCA Victor Compact 33 Single 37-7942; it was a 7" vinyl record, but played at 33 rpm.

"Just an Honest Mistake" (from the production "Let it Ride") b/w "Jonah"; RCA Victor 47-7966

"I Had a Mule" b/w "The Riddle Song"; RCA Victor 47-8069

"Who Will Buy?" (from the Broadway musical "Oliver") b/w "Funk"; RCA Victor 47-8094 (with picture sleeve)

"The Midnight Special" b/w "McLintock's Theme (Love In The Country)" from the U.A. Badjac Production "McLintock," RCA Victor 47-8255

"No Man is an Island" b/w "A Casinha Pequenina (Little House)"; RCA Victor 47-8361

"Rose" b/w "Seventeen Wives"; RCA Victor 47-8535

"A Hundred Men" b/w "Cold December (In Your Heart)"; Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Records 7177 (credited to "The Limeliters with Glenn Yarbrough")

"Time to Gather Seeds" b/w "The Importance of The Rose"; Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Records 7254

"Consider It Done" b/w "A Pound of Peaches" (Summer's Here); Morningstar MSR-1 (with picture sleeve reading "The Limeliters spring 1973; The Limeliters spring 1963")

"I See America" b/w "Holy Creation"; STAX Records 0185 (credited to Glenn Yarbrough)

"American Tour" b/w "Right From the Start"; West Knoll Records WK-1001

"Beautiful Fantasy" b/w "Heart Full of Love"; West Knoll Records WK-1002

Thanks to Brian Brick for this compilation of 45s.


"There's A Meetin' Here Tonight" 1962 Taken from the Top
"Power and Glory"
1987 We the People - A Bicentennial Celebration of the U.S. Constitution
"Coca Cola Commercial" 1986 Cruisin' 1964
"There's a Meetin' Here Tonight"
"A Dollar Down"
1992 Troubadours of the Folk Era, Vol. 2 & 3
"City of New Orleans" 1996 Between the Rails: America's Train Songs
"Lonesome Traveler"
"40 Year Old Waltz"
"Until We Get it Right"
1997 An Evening with the Chad Mitchell Trio - Live at the Birchmere
"Hard Traveling/Wayfaring Stranger/Lonesome Traveler" medley
"Generic Uptempo Folksong"
2002 The Kingston Trio 45th Anniversary Tribute CD, Video and DVD , containing highlights of the April 19 & 20, 2002 Tribute to the Kingston Trio includes 10 minutes of the Limeliters.

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