The Limeliters - A Souvenir Program - Fiddle 1

Hey, Diddle Diddle, The Doctor and the Fiddle

Part One of Eight

Lou and B. Fiddle

"That's right, Yarbrough, initial G; Hassilev, initial A; Gottlieb, initial L; and Fiddle, initial B," said the voice on the phone.

"I didn't know that the Limeliters were a quartet," replied the surprised air line ticket agent.

"Always have been," came the answer. And so they have. But just who is this mysterious fourth member of the illustrious folksinging group and how has he managed to remain anonymous for so long? Well, for one thing, he is quite a shy fellow and shuns publicity in spite of the fact that he is always in the limelite. For example, he very often travels incognito, crated in a coffin-like affair that resides comfortably in the baggage department of airplanes.

The Doctor and the Fiddle

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1963 Souvenir Program

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