Time to Gather Seeds (1968 - Re-released 2007)

This album is the Limeliter's one "protest album." The album was recorded in 1967, during the "Summer of Love" in San Francisco, when the Monterey Pop Festival was making musical history. Glenn Yarbrough had left the group in the summer of 1963, embarking on a highly successful solo career. Lou Gottlieb had retied as an "Executive Hippie" on his Morningstar Ranch (AKA as "The Digger Farm."). Alex Hassilev had become a fu allotment record producer. This album was their first "reunion" album. They were not re reunite again until 1973.

Unique among all The Limeliters albums, this one reflected the times. Protest songs accompanied by Pop & Rock rhythm tracks with studio musicians was hardly typical of The Limeliters or other folk groups of their era. Their legion of earlier fans, needless to say, didn't flock to this album. Nor were the young, focused on the British Invasion and Sixties Rock, interested in a recyled “square” folk group - "even though their idealism and embrace of folk music had paved the way for the politically-charged psychedelia that ruled the day."

This album may have been before its time in1968 - too late for a Fifties folk group, and too early for a more mature audience who could appreciate some political rock-and-roll. Unfortunately, we still have some of the same things to protest about now that we had in 1968. So though a few of these songs may sound a bit dated, they are still absolutely relevant now twenty years later; for example, Hassilev's song A Hundred Men - easily the best song on this album - is just as pertinent to today's morass in Iraq as it was to Vietnam! And today, the "Pop" musical style of this album will have many more people of all ages for whom the style is accessible.

Track Listings

Time to Gather Seeds - The Limeliters
1. Importance of the Rose
2. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story
3. Only 18
4. L.A. in the Summer
5. Cold December (In Your Heart)
6. Goodtime Women
7. Time to Gather Seeds
8. Do You Remember
9. Were You in Berlin
10. General
11. Hundred Men


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